Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By making a purchase on GSMUnlockLabs.com you accept full responsibility for complying with all local, national, and international laws. GSMUnlockLabs.com will not knowingly give any advice or provide any service to anyone who wishes to unlock a phone that was purchased from a USA service provider manufacturered January 26th, 2013 or later in The United States of America. For USA phones manufactured before January 26th, 2013, you may still legally unlock in accordance with the the Digital Millenium Copyright Act..

As a third-party supplier, we hold no affiliation with any cellular network carriers or cellular product manufacturers. Neither do we claim any rights to trademarks, images or logos; copyrights remain with their individual owners.

We may occasionally change our terms and policies. Changes posted to the website become effective upon their publication, and it’s the user’s obligation to become familiar with the current terms during each site visit. Visiting the website indicates acceptance of our latest policies and an agreement to be bound by them.