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Quickly and easily IMEI unlock any GSM LG G3 cell phone.  Enter your model, carrier and IMEI below.

  • Choose the model to unlock
  • Choose the carrier your phone is locked to.
  • Enter *#06# to display your IMEI
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Free LG Unlock Codes

    LG G3 Unlock Code – Unlock the LG G3 and almost any other GSM LG device via IMEI unlock code.  Permanent unlocking, quick and easy to use LG SIM codes.

     Using this LG IMEI unlock code there is no need for flashing the phone, no software, no cables.  With new LG phones it’s usually as easy as just putting in your new SIM and the phone will prompt you for the unlock code.  It’s really that easy to unlock your LG phone.  If you’re a power user and have flashed your phone’s firmware – you will need to flash back to the stock ROM in order for the code to work.  Once you’ve flashed back to the stock ROM – enter your unlock code and then flash back to whatever custom firmware you choose.  Unlock LG G3 Code for free with TrialPay!


    LG G3 Unlock Code Instructions

    Model: LG G3

    1. Insert a non-accepted SIM into your LG G3
    2. From the dial screen type 2945#*model number
      • LG G3 (AT&T D850), enter 2945#*850#
      • LG G3 (T-Mobile D851), enter 2945#*851#
      • For LG G3 (D853), enter 2945#*853#
      • For LG G3 (D854), enter 2945#*854#
      • For LG G3 (D855), enter 2945#*855#
      • For LG G3 (D856), enter 2945#*856#
      • For LG G3 (D857), enter 2945#*857#
      • For LG G3 (D858), enter 2945#*858#
      • For LG G3 (D859), enter 2945#*859#
      • For LG G3 (F400K), enter 2945#*400#
    3. Choose “Network Lock” or “Service Provider lock”
    4. Enter the unlock code provided by GSMUnlockLabs.com
    5. Choose Done
    6. Choose Unlock


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