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Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia Lumia 830 Unlock Code & Instructions


While we wait for the re-launch of Nokia (and anticipating to see how the brand, together with its new partner Microsoft, plan to re-claim its throne as the market leader in the mobile phone industry), we take a look at its last bid to compete in the smartphone category with the Lumia 830. The Lumia 830 is the last Windows Phone under Nokia.

The look of the Lumia 830 is pretty much like its predecessor, the Lumia 930, which sports an aluminum casing for that premium look. The smartphone has a 5-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display. On top, a 0.9 megapixel camera and the earpiece can be found; while the navigation buttons and a pinhole for the microphone is at the bottom. On the left side are the volume controls, the power/lock button and a special key to operate the camera. On the topside, one will find the headset jack and the microUSB port. On the backside, the Lumia 830 has a 10-megapixel camera, an LED flash, a microphone and speakers.

Though the Lumia 830 sports a high-end look, the phone is being introduced as a mid-range device more than a flagship smartphone. With that said, we didn’t have much high hopes for this smartphone. While all other handsets are gearing for the Quad HD, Lumia 830 maintains a 5-inch display with a lower resolution of 294 ppi. We were quite surprised however, that with such low resolution, the Lumia 830 showcases a high-density display comparable to other flagship smartphones, which are about 400 ppi or above. Thanks to its ClearBlack display technology, this Nokia phone gives images rich colors, deeper blacks and good contrast, even when being used outdoors.

With this kind of display, the Lumia 830 is good for watching videos and browsing through images. What’s more, the speakers did surprise us too. Sounds are crisp and clear, which makes up for a really good audio system considering that this is not a flagship phone. Volume need not be turn up full blast when one is listening to music or watching movies.

The 10-megapixel PureView camera is powered up with Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization. The camera function is pretty basic with the burst mode and the video mode as its main features. However, one may opt to use the Nokia Camera phone app, which is built in the Lumia 830 for maximum camera action. This app improves the camera’s ability to take photos with great detail and vivid colors. But for low light conditions, the camera may not work that well. Who says we can have it all right? The Nokia camera app also boosts the smartphone’s capacity to take videos, which can record up to 1080p resolution with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound. Pretty impressive, considering that again, this is not a flagship phone. Still, if one would want to have more enhanced pictures, Lumia 830 contains various camera apps such as the Cinemagraph, the Creative Studio, the Selfie, and the Storyteller. Plus it comes with a 16GB internal storage and can support microSD cards of up to 128GB perfect for storing all media files.

All in all, Lumia 830 is a notch higher than the regular mid-range smartphone when it comes to its camera function. The camera and display it has is not exactly “top of the line,” but the apps (mostly exclusive to the brand) reinforce what the hardware lacks. It is a good buy for the “point-shoot-edit-upload” market. Warning: this is not for the techie at heart.

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