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Motorola Nexus 6

Motorola Nexus 6 Unlock Code & Instructions

So it isn’t just Microsoft that we see as playing the field in the smartphone industry. The ever-trusted Google has already crossed over to this new phenomenon with its collaboration with Motorola for the Nexus 6. While it excites many to see these big companies going side by side with our favorite mobile companies, to upgrade our smartphone experience with their respective technologies, it may also come as a disadvantage. Consumers expect a lot not just from the mobile partner but more so with the software partner. We expect the same level of competency and innovations when it comes to products that they produce. We are hoping that Motorola X Google = Nexus 6 doesn’t disappoint us.

Upon looking at the new Nexus 6, we did imagine that the phone got its name from its 6-inch display that can rival any phone-tablet in the market today. The Nexus 6 is a far cry from its predecessor the Nexus 5. In fact, Nexus 6 looks a lot like Motorola’s flagship phone, the Moto X. With its sleek design in metal framing and polycarbonate, the Nexus 6 comes in two colors: blue and white.

The big display screen boasts of Quad HD AMOLED panel with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and 493 ppi. Just like any high definition phone displays, the Nexus 6 has vivid colors, darks are darks however, lighter tones tend to be on the warmer side.  The Nexus 6 is thicker than the average phone and a bit heavier than its competitors, which is negligible for any consumer, granting the size of its screen. To top it all, the front side of the phone also contains stereo speakers, a good tandem to the large screen, which makes for a great viewing experience.

At the back we can find its 13-megapixel camera that comes with the usual optical image stabilization, present in other phone cameras. We didn’t have much expectations with the Nexus 6 camera since it lacks other important manual options such as changing the white balance, ISO, shutter speed etc. However, we were quite amazed with how day light shots turned out – crisp and very detailed. Yet, considering the phone camera’s big aperture at f/2.0, it fails to deliver good nighttime shots. The dual-LED flash can help brighten the subjects though, but clearly this is not the ideal phone camera if you are fond of taking pictures at night.

The Motorola Nexus 6 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, the best chipset you can find on any Android device today. Reviewers however have different views about this. Some say that it may be a powerful chipset but doesn’t come with a 64-bit support that can give a gaming experience especially when playing graphic-intensive games. However, there are reviewers who would disagree with this observation. As we tried running these high-density games on Nexus 6, it ran as smoothly as it can.

And as for the battery? The Nexus 6 3,220mAh battery is reinforced by Google’s “Project Volta,” an attempt by the company to make Android more power efficient. Even when running games, the device lasted for a good 12 hours.

Google’s first attempt to collaborate with Motorala looks like a good one. It gives a good viewing experience for movie enthusiasts, and a powerful screen and support chipset for gamers.

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