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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Unlock Code

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Unlock Code & Instructions


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – Coming from the smaller handsets of Nokia and Motorola four years ago, we used to laugh at how big Samsung made its smartphones. Admittedly, we first found it weird to be calling from such a huge phone where the screen took up the whole phone when we were used to having keypads (QWERTY or numeric) on the bottom half of the whole unit. We looked at it like a mini-television and smacking it on our ears when calling. It was, to that day, a smartphone that we all thought would be hard to sell in the market.

Today, the Samsung Galaxy Note series has become the epitome of what a smartphone should be that even the market leader Apple is trying to outdo with the introduction of the Iphone 6 (It’s a battle of the sizes!). But this Korean company made history by being one of the first, if not the first in the phone-tablet category. Bigger was and still is better for Samsung.

As the fourth installment of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a more industrial and modern appeal. However, nothing much has changed with the placement of its buttons — the power button is found on the right side for better thumb access, while volume controls are on the left. On top is the 3.5mm earphone jack, noise cancelling mics, and the IR blaster are on top; while the micro-USB charging port and the stylus are at the bottom.

At the back, the 16-megapixel camera is on the upper middle portion of the phone with the LED flash just beneath it. The home button is in front. The Note 4 has a fingerprint sensor that allows one to unlock the screen with a swipe of a finger.

The Galaxy Note series was quite known for the Super AMOLED display, and the Note 4 is no exception with its large 5.66-inch display with a 2560 x 1440WQHD resolution. Amongst other smartphones and tablets, the Note 4 has one of the highest resolutions at 515ppi, which reviewers have said, is comparable to familiar tablets such as the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy S.

With this, the Note 4 gives vivid colors for images and videos. It is perfect for watching your favorite movies, videos on youtube and the like. The speakers are good enough but not loud enough like the LG G3. So if you are looking for a total audio experience (be it in watching videos, listening to music or gaming) we suggest that you get yourself a good set of earphones or headphones.

The 16-megapixel camera with sensor is quite accurate, giving sharp photos even when taken with shaky hands.

Special software included in the Note 4 are the S Health — an optical heart rate monitor which we think is quite practical especially for those with health conditions or those who want to track their progress when working out. This software includes: the Step Counter, Calorie Counter and Heart Rate Counter, essentials for health buffs.

The S Note is quite handy with the Note 4’s huge display. Many reviewers have sworn by it when used for taking notes during meetings, and even random sketching.

And as for its stylus, Samsung has managed to perfect it over other brands that have tried to make it work with their own smartphones. The Note 4 stylus is accurate and responsive, the best tool for those who use their phones for note taking and drawing.

As for battery life, the Note 4 logged in a good 11 hours to 14 hours with normal usage, 50% brightness and on silent mode. We’d like to believe that this is quite good considering it has a powerful quad HD resolution.

Overall, the Galaxy Note 4 is an impressive flagship phone, a powerful handset that is easy to use with additional features that just don’t just take up space (where you wished that they could have just removed it so you can download more music or movies), but are actually very usable. The stylus is something to consider especially if you are the “traditional” kind of guy where you find romance in freehand, be it in writing or drawing. We’re now wondering how the new Samsung phone-tablet could top that.

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