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T-Mobile Unlock Code

T-Mobile Unlock Code

T-mobile Model:

T-Mobile Phone Manufacturer:

IMEI: (Type *#06# On The Keypad)

Unlock T-Mobile IMEI Code
    • Enter phone info & choose your payment method
      Use the dropdown to choose your phone model, the 2nd to choose your country and service provider and then enter your IMEI. You can find your IMEI by looking under your battery as it’s usually listed on a sticker there. You can also type *#06# on your keypad and also display your IMEI on the device itself. Once you’ve entered all your phone information click the “Unlock Now” button to finish your payment.


    • Receive IMEI server credentials via email
      After your purchase is complete you’ll automatically receive an email with a description of the unlocking process, login credentials for our IMEI server and a link you can use to login. Login and submit your phone details and kick back and wait for your code to arrive in your inbox.


  • Use simple instructions to enter unlock code
    Your T-Mobile unlock code will be automatically emailed to you as soon as it’s found. Use our simple unlocking instructions to enter your code! Once your phone is unlocked you’re free to use the sim and carrier or provider of your choice. Your phone is no longer locked to a particular carrier!
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